About AudioLearn 

AudioLearn is…

…the leading curator of academic and vocational audiobooks.

…an auditory learner’s utopia. 

…the best place to find high-quality educational auditory content. 

Designed to provide the on-the-go person with an exceptional collection of unprecedented list of academic and vocational audiobooks, AudioLearn is here to help you learn.  

Our History 

Since 1997, AudioLearn has been a leading provider of academic and vocational audiobooks. We have continually brought audio learners the highest quality educational content available. Today we have over 250 published titles available for download. Driven by technology, we now sell our titles exclusively through Apple iTunes, Audible, and Amazon. With our home base in Rockville, Maryland, our products are available throughout the world for instant download. 

The Idea 

While there are plenty of options to listen to fictional content, we found a hole in the market. How can audio learners get the information they need in a format that works for them? We happen to believe that audio learners deserve to receive the information they want in a format that works for them. That’s why we designed our audio selection to be available when and how you need it. Whether traveling to work, working out at the gym or when you’re taking a walk, you can now learn on the go with AudioLearn. 

What to Expect from AudioLearn

Our goal is to bring you the best content available in an audio format. We are the only publishers focusing on academic textbooks, test prep, and study guides in the industry. We’ve taken the hassle out of learning by translating text into a digestible format that fits your busy lifestyle. With each passing year, we strive to improve our collection to guarantee we always have the latest audio downloads available. 

Whether you want to pass the bar, need assistance before your major psych exam, or need access to the world’s greatest philosophical minds, AudioLearn is here to help. We also have a full list of Self-Help titles for learning that goes beyond the classroom. 

If you need high-quality, educational and academic information in an audio format, then you’re going to like AudioLearn.